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Soldering System
Soldering System is a type of bulk soldering process which enables one to manufacture multiple circuit boards in a very short amount of time. Soldering System is an essential tool which helps in building anything from a child’s toy to an aircraft.
Wire Processing
Wire Processing involves stripping, cutting, or otherwise prepping a wire to be used. The wires need to be processed before they can be used for connections with wire terminations for specific electrical projects. This machine is very economical with fast installation and easy operation.
PCB Lead Cutting MC
PCB Lead Cutting MC is mainly designed automatically to transport the PCBA for trimming the extra lead. This machine also comprises of wrap prevention device which ensures that no damage occurs on the board. This equipment is preferred for its high tensile strength, precise engineering, sturdy construction, seamless finish, rugged structure and longer service life.
SMT Machines
SMT Machines are those machines which are made using SMT or surface mount technology. These machines use a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of the printed circuit boards. These machines are also known as pick and place machines or P&Ps.
Soldering Solutions & Soldering Stations
Soldering Solutions & Soldering Stations are used as an electronic tool for hand soldering of the electronic components onto a PCB. These stations are preferred for its better tip temperature control, less oxidation build-up, longer lasting tips, no overshoot, no calibration required, as well as high throughput at lower temperatures.
Wire Processing Machines
Wire Processing Machines can be easily combined with the broad range of accessories to create total solutions from a single source. These machines are fully automatic which is further used for cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing, twisting as well as tinning. These machines are highly economical and easy to install and operate too.
Post Solder Lead Cutting Mahine
Post Solder Lead Cutting Machine is designed to trim the extra leads of PCBA after the soldering process. The fast turning tungsten carbide blade attached to this machine cuts the extra leads smoothly without damaging the whole PCBA. This machine can be easily installed and operated provided at nominal rates.
Wave Soldering Machine
Wave Soldering Machine which is a bulk soldering process that enables one to manufacture many circuit boards in a very short amount of time. This works by passing each circuit board over a pan of molten solder. This machine has solder contained in a tank.
PCB Assembly Equipment
PCB Assembly Equipment is the process of connecting the electronic components with the wirings of printed circuit boards. This equipment is mainly used for executing SMT assembly processes. This equipment is best known for its manual as well as automatic ease of operation, highly reliable and durable in nature.
PCB Mounting Line
PCB Mounting Line mechanically supports and electrically connects electric or electronic components using conductive tracks. The PCB connectors are mounted on the PCB and are mainly used for transferring signals or power from one PCB to another, and vice versa. This line or machine help in saving a lot of space, along with reducing the overall board weight.
Electronic Production Tools
Electronic Production Tools are those tools that plays a vital role in performing different operations related to production works. These tools are preferred for its precise working, high efficiency, good tensile strength, reduces manual work, less damages occur, durable and economical tool.
Vision Inspection System
Vision Inspection System is used for imaging based automatic inspection and sorting as well as robot guidance for your convenience for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. The overall process includes planning the details of the requirements and project, and hence creating a solution
Production Tools
Production Tools are used during production time for producing multiple items. These tools are also used for performing different operations to properly execute the production works. These tools are best known for its precise working, high accuracy, better performance, high tensile strength, and reduces manual work too.
Conveyor Systems
Conveyor Systems allow quick and efficient transportation for a wide variety of materials from one place to another. These systems are used in almost all the industries where materials need to be moved including bottling plants, recycling centres, plastic making factories and so on.
Conveyors for PCB Assembly & Post Solder Operation
Conveyors for PCB Assembly & Post Solder Operation help in transporting the materials from one place to next, drastically cutting out manual labour and saves time also. These systems are useful any time a need arises that some type of object needs to make its way from one place to another.

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